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logoGo Green has the honour to announce the October edition of the magazine Ecology and Sustainable Development! The main topic of this edition is Climate Change. This edition is very colourful with interesting articles, eco-quiz, eco-gossips, calendar and other fun-educational content. The magazine with its 122nd edition and 15 years old existence plays an important role in increasing the youth awareness and education in the field of Ecology and Sustainable Development.


Besides the educational character, the Go Green team created a model of functioning where the magazine represents an essential tool for activating youth leadership and encouraging open participation in the creation of the same. The magazine creates space for stimulating innovation and creativity as well as development of research and writing skills among youth. The contribution from the readers is necessary for the quality and diversity of the content. If you are interested in joining the GG team in writing, research or photography, you can leave your information in the database and you will be informed about the opportunities.

The GG team put a lot of effort in the creation of this edition of the magazine in order to make it more interested and youth-friendly. Every comment, like or advice is more than welcomed and it will give us more motivation for continuous improvement and hard work. We are grateful for your support. Stay green!

The Go Green Team



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