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Go Green proudly presents the beginning of the Go Green Photography.

Throughout photography we aim to show the beauty of nature and its biodiversity, as well as the uniqueness of the spontaneous moments that surround us, although we do not always notice them. The Go Green team, inspired by the photography as an art gives the opportunity to every lover of photography to express and develop creatively his/her potential.

Be part of Go Green Photography!


Be the creator of a different green reality! Reach and share the untouched beauty captured in Macedonia. Every moment, every image of nature that takes your breath away can be part of Go Green Photography. Express your idea and "green" creativity, and take the chance of having your achievement on the web, seen by everyone.

Your comments, tips and ideas are welcomed and if you want to join the Go Green Team in the field of photography, writing or research, leave your details in the Go Green Database and you will be informed of the opportunities and the further steps related to it.

Тhe Go Green Team


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E diel, 10 Tetor 2010