“There are people like me beyond every border” – stated by the Norwegian minister of EU Affairs Frank Bakke-Jensen during one workshop alongside with the youngsters that took part in this project.

Go Green was part of the Youth Exchange “Let’s do it outside” organised in Langfjordbotn, Northern Norway from 1st till 10th of August. The project was hosted by our partners from Norway, “Leppe-ganespalteforeningeni Norge”, in cooperation with our partners from Germany,“NaturKulture.V.”, funded by AktivUngdom Erasmus+ in Norway. Besides from Macedonia, Norway and Germany, teams from Luxemburg, Netherlands and Croatia also participated on this youth exchange.

The topics of this project were:

  • Youth activism
  • Migrants’ and refugees’ integration, Inclusion – equity, EU Citizenship, awareness and democracy
  • Outdoor sports and activities, healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

During the youth exchange the participants, with assistance from each country’s team leader, organised workshops on the following relevant topics: Prejudices about other countries, Human rights and the burning issues about minorities in all partner countries, How can we find solutions to the issues among minorities, Visiting a reindeer farmer and learning about herding, Debate around the topic of human rights and minority issues, Circle of influence – pay it forward, Erasmus+ info point – Youthpass, Reflection and evaluation workshops.

All of the workshops were organised using tools and non-formal methods of education. The youngsters were working in groups, presenting, singing, playing theatre, drawing posters and strips, pantomime plays, debating, hiking and fishing. All of the youngsters were actively involved in the process of organising and executing the workshops. Every evening one of the country groups took turn into presenting their culture, traditional food and beverages, songs, dances and games.

According to the evaluation of this youth exchange, the participants were very satisfied with the organisation of the project. The best impressions, as stated by the participants, were the creativity of the workshops, the hiking up the Norwegian mountains, the escape of their comfort zone, the knowledge they gained about the Norwegian minority - Sami people, the knowledge about the burning issues of the minorities in every partner country, as well as the friendships and the lifelong connections they created.


Tuesday, August 15 2017