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Потребна е економија која ќе ја унапредува животната средина и ќе обезбеди намалување на загадувањето и социјална еднаквост кај граѓаните 

На 24 ноември, еколошката младинска организација Гоу Грин, во соработка со Фондацијата Конрад Аденауер и Вилфред Мартенс Центарот за Европски Студии, одржа меѓународна конференција на тема „Климатските промени и зелена економија – како да се прилагоди образовниот систем?“. На конференцијата се одржаа четири панел дискусии со еминентни говорници од земјата и Европската Унија.

Monday, December 05 2016

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The NGO "Go Green - Skopje", "Konrad-Adenauer" Foundation - Skopje and "Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies" -Brussels are organizing an international conference on the topic “Climate Change and Green Economy - How should the Education System Adapt?”. Eminent politicians, businessmen, professors and scientists from the region and the EU, will discuss the business' changing needs, labor market, education system and the transformation processes they need to go through in order to support the climate change goals and the greening process of our societies.
Fill in the application and take part of this event, free of charge.

Sunday, November 13 2016

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Brussels / Skopje, November 4, 2016 – It has been less than a year since it was adopted, and today "The Paris Climate Change Agreement" comes into force, while on Monday (November 7) starts 22nd Conference of the United Nations on Climate Change, where we will discuss the details of the “Paris Agreement” framework implementation. The Agreement on Climate Change was adopted in December last year during the global summit on climate change in Paris, with the signing of more than 190 countries, including Macedonia.

Friday, November 04 2016

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On 1st October as part of the National Cleaning Waste Action, organized by the Association “Let’s Do It Macedonia”, Go Green members took part in the action by cleaning the walking area around hotel “Tasino Cheshmiche” in Skopje.

Monday, October 03 2016

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Saturday, October 01 2016

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Конферецијата “Bike and Learn” беше оддржана на 21ви септември организирана од страна Гоу Грин како дел од Европската Недела на Мобилност, каде 20тина млади луѓе возејќи се на велосипед поминаа неколку инфо точки каде научија нешто повеќе за алтернативните средства. Колку ние учиме од овие конфереции и колку ни помагаат посериозно да го сфатиме проблемот кој го имаме?

Sunday, September 25 2016

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After COP21 and the signing of the “Paris agreement” in New York, the world leaders have defined the development direction towards a low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, climate resilient society. This means changing the mindset of how we do everyday business and cutting GHG emissions from every sector.

Monday, July 04 2016

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This year Go Green together with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies from Brussels are organizing the “Green Employment and Education Days”.

Monday, June 13 2016

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Climate change will create millions of green jobs. Do you want to know what knowledge and skills are required for green jobs? NGO Go Green is organizing the “Green Employment & Education Days” from 13th to 15th of June as part of the EU sustainable energy week. 

Tuesday, May 31 2016

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The civil organizations Go Green, Let’s do it Macedonia and Grashnica, together with the representatives from the tourist and public sector in Macedonia, have orgainized a series of actions for cleaning the waste in Skopje, Ohrid, Demir Kapija, Mavrovo and Krushevo in order to support tourism actions in Macedonia, but also to raise public awareness for the waste problem especially in the tourist destinations. 

Thursday, May 26 2016

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