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The Paris agreement is progressive, showing that 196 countries committed to work together to limit global warming well below 2˚C above pre-industrial levels, with pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5˚C. It recognizes that climate change represents urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet. The Paris agreement also sets a mindset for development. Climate change is not only an environmental issue, but the agreement mentions health, food safety, etc.

Tuesday, January 19 2016

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Младинската еколошка организација Гоу Грин во соработка со Амбасадата на Франција во Скопје, Министерството за животна средина и просторно планирање и УНДП во Скопје организираа дебатна средба во врска со резултатите од Париската конференција на Обединетите Нации за климатски промени. Самитот за климатски промени на Обединетите Нации се одржа од 30 ноември до 11 декември во Париз со цел постигнување на глобален договор за намалување на последиците од климатските промени.

Monday, January 18 2016

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The world witnessed history! A new global climate agreement was finalized in Paris!

Sunday, December 13 2015

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The three years work of the Structured Experts Dialogue’s concluded that:
1) We are not on track to a ‘below 2°C path;
2) 2°C warming would be dangerous;
3) Keeping warming to below 1.5°C would avoid many disastrous impacts.

Monday, December 07 2015

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The week kicked off with major focus on vulnerable countries and resilience. The declaration by the Climate Vulnerable Forum consisted of 20 countries whose people, economies and ecosystems are at highest risk is of huge importance. These 20 countries have not only pledged to fight for climate justice, but stressed the importance of making 1.5°C reality. 2°C of warming would result in catastrophic impacts on sensitive global ecosystems.

Friday, December 04 2015

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On Monday, 30 November the opening of COP21 took place with the Leaders event. The Leaders event started with an opening sessions by UN representatives and heads of states and Governments.

Wednesday, December 02 2015

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Antonio Jovanovski and Marko Sokolovski represent Go Green at the UN Climate Summit in Paris (COP21). The context that will be demanded, advocated and negotiated to be included in the draft text of the Paris agreement is the following:

Wednesday, December 02 2015

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Go Green participated at the Conference of Youth (COY11) in Paris together with more than 4900 young people from 118 countries. The conference enabled a platform for young people to learn and work together for better understanding of the climate negotiation process and make their voice better heard inside the Climate Conference (COP21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Monday, November 30 2015

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Wednesday, November 11 2015

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42 young people from the Go Green Clubs, Macedonian Scout Units and Familles Rurales (France) participated in a climate change camp from the 16th to 19th of August in the village of Skrebatno on Galicica Mountain in south-west Macedonia.

Wednesday, September 09 2015

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